Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Gift Special 2016 - Online Music Instrument Shop Malaysia

Hohoho... Its Christmas celebration again. And it might not be a bad idea to get your love ones a musical instruments as presents this year. Something that they can develop and make something good our of it......

Here we list out a few great deals on music instrument for this coming Christmas season.

Acoustic Guitar:
1) Cort AD810E (Good quality for beginners) = Normal Price, RM690.00
2) Cort Earth Mini (Solid Top Mini Size) = Normal Price, RM790.00
3) Cort Earth Grand (Dreadnought Solid Top) = Normal Price, RM850.00
4) Cort SFX E (Solid Top) = Normal Price, RM990.00
5) Cort L450 C (Solid Top & Back) = Normal Price, RM1,150.00
6) Farida D10 NA (Solid Top) = Normal Price, RM1,190.00
7) Cort Earth 300VF (Full Solid) = Normal Price, RM1,850.00
8) Cort MR730 FX with EQ = Normal Price, RM2,090.00

Electric Guitar:
1) Cort CR 50 (With Rock and Heavy Tone In Mind) = Normal Price, RM830.00
2) Cort G 200 (With Jazzy Twang Tone In Mind) = Normal Price, RM850.00
3) Cort X6 SM (Perfect for both Jazz and Rock + Shredding) = Normal Price, RM1,040.00
4) Cort KX 5 (For the more demanding advance player) = Normal Price, RM1,150.00
5) Cort Yorktown (Pure Jazz & Blues) = Normal Price, RM1,575.00
6) Cort CR 200 (Cort's answer to Gibson / Epiphone LP Killer) = Normal Price, RM1,550.00
7) Cort X11 (An even more demanding and advance player) = Normal Price, RM1,650.00
8) Cort CR Custom (God level player) = Normal Price, RM2,850.00
9) Godin Signature LGX SA Flame AA Trans Blue (God level player with tons of CASH) = Normal Price, RM8,150.00
Get extra discounts with any purchase of guitar + amps

Electric Guitar Amp:
1) Peavey Audition (7 watts of pure mini amp power) = Normal Price, RM365.00
2) Peavey Rage 158 Transtube (15 watts power more than enough for bedroom jamming) = Normal Price, RM600.00
3) Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 = (An AMP that fits all instruments with multi effects built in) = Normal Price, RM1,150.00
4) Peavey Bandit 112 1x12" ( 80 watts of power enough for a small medium size Gig) = Normal Price, RM2,190.00
5) Peavey Valve King 112 (Tube amp) = Normal Price, RM2,500.00
6) ENGL E310 Gigmaster Combo 110 (Full tube professional amp) = Normal Price, RM3,165.00
7) Peavey 6505 2X12 (Nothing this bad boy 60 watts full tube amp cannot do) = Normal Price, RM6,655.00

PM Us for best price!!!

Found somewhere cheaper? Let us know and we will try to beat the price!!!


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